Doctor Who-Go Tate? Nick Abadzis Writes Torchwood

comic-image-2Long standing alternative comics writer Nick Abadzis pens his first Torchwood comic, out this month in the Torchwood magazine, drawn by regular artist Paul Grist.

Abadzis is probably best known for his seminal surreal-slice-of-life series Hugo Tate that appeared in Deadline and eventually became an award winning graphic novel. And more recently his graphic novel Laika about the first dog in space brought him new press.

But Abadzis has a long history spanning different fields. He wrote the mature readers Marvel Frontier title Children of The Voyager with Paul Johnson in 1993 with and Millenium Fever with Duncan Fegredo for Vertigo in 1995. And of late he’s found a new spate of children’s work, writing the BBC children’s show Bob The Builder, contributing to the now defunct DFC, creating original children’s comics such as the Pleebus Planet books and his The Trial Of The Sober Dog was serialised in The Times newspaper.

And he’s also not a complete novice in the Doctor Who stakes, writing a Doctor Who comics story with John Tomlinson and Mike Collins. for Doctor Who Magazine.

Now, if only Abadzis can find a way to bring Ianto back from the dead…

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