The Future of Marvel Digital Comics?

marvel-dcu-logo-thumbMarvel Comics are currently conducting surveys regarding the future of the Marvel Digital Comics Universe service.

While these are still clearly ideas under discussion, hence the survey, it does give you an idea of the directions the company are considering.

Firstly, one survey tells us that “Marvel is considering adding a top tier membership program. This would offer more benefits” before asking about some of those possibilities. They include;

Membership card
1 print comic per year with exclusive variant cover
Access to special artist / writer webcasts
VIP fan badges in fan forums
Exclusive news and pictures from Marvel movies
Custom email address

One package would add onto these a twenty discount on print subscriptions, Exclusive comic book signings, one free print subscription and one extra exclusive variant cover.

A second package would instead add a custom t-shirt, 20% off purchases greater than $50 at Marvel Store online, exclusive online games based on Marvel characters, and action figure collectibles.

The first is clearly more comics orientated, the second covers comics-related media.

The survey than asks a number of downwards price points for such packages, asking the likelihood of buying such a package it it were $99, then £89, then $79. The current price of the Marvel digital comics service is $59.88 a year. At those priece points, many existing customers might find the upgrade very much worth it, with the ability to flip those exclusve variant covers on eBay…

Also, rather intriguingly, the survey asks if people would be interested in buying individual digital comics at a
$1.99 price point…

Sorry lads. Looks like FTL (article below) has got you beat there…

In the past Marvel has concentrated in allowing people unlimited access to an at-least-six-months-delayed back catalogue of Marvel comics, with an all-you-can-eat deal. This survey indicates something akin to a WizardWorld VIP deal with some print comics content, treading into Marvel Subscription territory. And the possibility of people buying current comics digitally, one at a time, at the $2 mark…

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