Creative Runaround - Marvel

Creative Runaround – Marvel

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Courtesy of Chicago and a couple of Marvel Anniversary parties at Barnes And Noble, this is what a few Marvellous comic book creators may be up to in the imminent future…

We’ve been awaiting the Young Avengers relaunch for quite some time now. Well, it appears that Allen Heinberg has already written the first four issues of the planned eight issue relaunch of the series and Jim Cheung is getting stuck into the scripts. Expect official announcement any day now..

Jason Aaron is on board Punisher MAX with Steve Dillon for at least two years…

Dan Slott has just turned in his first full Amazing Spider-Man script (as opposed to working ‘Marvel style’)–said it was a jarring change, but something he wanted to try…

Howard Chaykin is a busy man, with Dominic Fortune at Marvel MAX, a couple of other projects at both Marvel and DC, he just doesn’t have time for his creator owned projects he’s also got mapped out and has been forced to put them on the back burner. What a problem to have…

Frank Cho told one customer that he’d recently finished the first issue of his and Jeph Loeb’s New Ultimates title – of course, this is five months after he started sketches. Hmm.

And will WebComics destroy the current comics industry sooner than we think? I only ask because Marvel artist Mitch Breitweiser, seems to be suddenly getting a lot of unexpected success for The Futurists, his new webcomic with Patrick Stiles, an adventure story in 1800’s colonial India which, not-that surprisingly I suppose, has gained a lot of interest from India’s billion-strong population. Could he even be considering going webcomic full time? Take a peek…


So… what else are people up to?

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