Wednesday Heart Attacks

Wednesday Heart Attacks

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250720091610As the writer of Civil Wardrobe, which had 17 creators drawing one page each, I know the difficulty of juggling many creative teams. But what if I had to do it every week?

So I have much sympathy for DC editor Mark Chiarello when Mike Allred is happy to announce at Chicago Comics Con that he is working on page ten of his Neil Gaiman Metamorpho strip when page six was published in this week’s Wednesday Comics. That’s not exactly a large margin consideing colouring and production schedules. And, of course, Wednesday Comics is one of those titles that really can’t bear any kind of lateness, schedule change or rejigging of content.

Admittedly, as we’ve seen, Mike does draw those pages really large. But come on fellow! Get with the programme! Do them as thumbnails for one week if you have to, think about poor Mark’s blood pressure!

The Wednesday Comics collection will be oversized, though probably not at the dimensions of the actual comic. The pages will be organised by strip rather than chronologically however, so, you can read one whole story after the other. Expect a better paper quality too…

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