Grabbing The Top Slott - Dan Slott To Write Big Marvel Event... But Not For A Bit (Update - Or Indeed Not At All)

Grabbing The Top Slott – Dan Slott To Write Big Marvel Event… But Not For A Bit (Update – Or Indeed Not At All)

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danDan Slott has been working in the comics industry for an absolute age. But it’s only of late that he’s really been noticed as a full blown comics writing talent by a fanbase after reinventing his career at Marvel from the bottom up. Not only is he a major Spider-Man and Avengers writer, but I’m told that as of Chicago, Dan Slott is now to be the lead writer on a new Marvel event comics project.

However you might have to wait for a bit. It won’t even be announced until San Diego Comic Con 2010.

And as a welcome change from the norm, the creative team intend to finish most, if not all of the issues, well before the first issue is even solicited. No more Civil War/Final Crisis style horrific delays and/or changing creative teams on this baby. Of course that does leave a long time for Little Bleeders to start digging through his garbage or hacking into his emails to get details… of course not! None of you guys would ever do that!

Would you?

No of course not. Anyway, Dan Slott is also creating an as-yet unnamed Mighty Avengers spinoff series with Christos Gage. Slott plots, Gage scripts and between them they lick the platter clean…

UPDATE: Or not. Dan Slott writes in the comments below: Sorry, Rich. But this one isn’t even remotely accurate. Except for the “full blown” part… since working on Spidey, I have been packing on the pounds…And, much like The Unspoken, this current article doesn’t really jibe with what’s going on in the real world. But thanks for all the praise.

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