Wednesday Sickness - Friends, Competitions, TV Zombies, Kids, Typos And Interminable Podcasts...

Wednesday Sickness – Friends, Competitions, TV Zombies, Kids, Typos And Interminable Podcasts…

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Sorry for the delay folks. I have spent the last twenty-four hours alternating between being sat on the toilet or bent double over it. Thankfully I got this bug after the children and good lady wife had had it, so I was able to help them and now they are helping me. Eve, my four year old, came up to me for a hug (a rarity from her) telling me I was the “bestest Daddy in the world”

Yeah, that’ll do it.

So! To comics!

Don McPherson finds an amusing separation of the DCU between Blackest Night #0 and Cry For Justice #2.


I remember this kind of thing always happening during the Civil War crossover at Marvel, where the same characters would express opposing viewpoints in different series to the extent that in order to make sense of the story you had to believe that they were taking place on different worlds. Well, at least DC has 52 to experiment with here…

A comic competition linked to the youth charity Ctrl.Alt.Shift. is letting people create comics based on a script by Dev Hynes, also known as the musician and writer Lightspeed Champion. They’re initially looking for samples to create a shortlist to take part, and the winner will be published in a comic about Corruption alongside some very fimilar comic book names, and showcased later this year at Lazarides Gallery in Soho. Send samples to by Friday 25th September. The judges will be Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis), Paul Gravett (ComICA), V V Brown, David Allain and Lightspeed Champion. Brits only I’m afraid, sorry about that.

The question is not will The Walking Dead on AMC be any good… but will it be as good as Mad men?

One year on and one year older, the Kid’s Comic Book Reviews site celebrates its anniversary, as the eight year old Liam gathers comments from Fabian Nicieza, Daniel Way, Bill Rosemann, Jeph Loeb, Joe Quesada, Christos Gage, Dan Slott, David Liss, Erik Larsen, Mike Raicht, Kazu Kibuishi, Tricia Narwani, Todd Dezago, Joe Schrieber, Tom Brevoort, Tommy Lee Edwards, Erich Schoeneweiss and Kenny Lopez…


The typo on the new Chicago Comic Con logo (which is still up as of writing) was rather entertaining. But so was the Archie press release for Archie #600, repeatedly stating that it was THE WEEDING OF THE YEAR. I know, I know, like I can talk about typos. But it’s still funny.

I got a very nice press release about the UK broadcast of US show Deadliest Warriors on satellite/cable channel Bravo. Those of you who know the programme will be familiar with its ludicrous decision to take warriors from across time and space and pit them against the other with some very dubious science and computation to work out who would win. Yet strangely the channel is only showing eight of the episodes and seems to be missing out the IRA Vs Taleban episode. Hmm. I wonder why…

ladyHere, have a look at the Paul Gulacy cover for Lady Action, due out later this year…

David LaFuente is signing copies of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man at Comics & Fantasy in Romford on Saturday 22nd August at 3pm. Where no doubt they will be happy to sell you stacks of the first issue to be signed…

How much patience do you have? Want to listen to Rob Liefeld Vs Ryan Coons, although they never actually speak to each other? Listen to this podcast. It kicks off about, and I can’t believe I’m typing this, two hours in. And Scott Kurtz’ intervention is most entertaining.

Tell me how it goes, I never made it that far.

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