“I Read It For The Comics” – Playboy.Com Preview Vertigo Crime Titles (Now With Added Tarantino)

vertigoCheck it out folks, what some of you always dreamed of is coming true. Gritty, intelligent crime comics by some of the best names in the business, snuggled next to barely legal, silcone pumped blonde meat puppets.

No offence.

Well, Playboy.com are currently previewing Filthy Rich by Brian Azzarello and Victpr Santos as well as John Constantine: Dark Entries by Ian Rankin and Werther Dell’Edera.

And for those of you unable to access the site due to your company’s frankly un-American internet policies,  here’s how the site looks…


Ooh and what’s this slightly further down the page?


Your very own Playboy super hero? Okay then one more click…

Ah dammit. Sorry guys, I pay for comics, but I don’t pay for porn.

Every now and then people, and let’s face it, often it’s me, criticise DC for its bizarre prudishness over certain issues. I have to say, based on recent experience, I wasn’t expecting this.

UPDATE: Playboy is also publishing what they call a graphic novel adaptation of Inglourious Basterds by R. M. Guéra, artist of Scalped, but is actually a scene or two from the movie drawn up with too much lettering. Does lok like those Boys Own War Comics though, which is nice.


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