Avatar Plug Of The Week: Garth Ennis’ Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle Preview

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rabbitShipping today in the USA, tomorrow in the UK, Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle picks up with the adventures of an anti-christ who just wants to get on with things. This Preview for $1.99 gives you a taster of the book to come. When Oscar Jiminez took over this book, was it really so he could draw incredinly detailed pictures of a rabbit’s O face? The answer is, very very probably. As is the reference to CS Lewis’ Narnia series in the title of this book.

Here’s a preview… of the Preview which ships today in the US and tomorrow in the UK. Does that make sense? I can’t tell any more I’ve spent the last twelve hours as liquid has spewed from various orifices and I’m writing this trying to sit upright,. not collapse in a coma and make sure the kids are okay.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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