Grant Morrison’s 18 Days – An Epic Retelling Of The Mahbharata As CGI Drama


Grant Morrison has stated he was going to tackle the epic Indian myth Mahbharata for Virgin Comics, and the publisher’s Indian roots made that a perfect fit. Then Virgin Comics went away. But the Mahbharata did not.

Liquid Comics and Perspective Studio are pursuing the property as a CGI drama as 18 Days: The Mahbharata Retold, for broadcast next year in multiple formats depending on territory and format – 2 x 90 minute TV movies, 6 x 30 episodes, an extended 200 minute DVD release or 18 x 10 minute web episodes. There will be online and console games alongside the show and by the time it’s out you’ll probably be able to interact with it on your SuperNintendo. Here’s the trailer…

The publishers have released a series of notes by Morrison that describe the story as “a psychedelic The Lord of the Rings with Star Wars technology” and

Given the nature of the medium and the kaleidoscopic possibilities of the original narrative, my intention is not to tell the story in strict chronological order (beginning with Shantanu and progressing through the various stories towards the war) instead I’d like to approach the text not in a linear fashion but as a 3-dimensional structure to which we can continually add new modular episodes which will eventually build up into an incredible mosaic of the War and the events surrounding it. In this way the story will grow in power and interconnectivity as we build it up piece by piece, episode by episode.

So, that’s Lost basically.

No, obviously not. The notes can be found, in full glorious detail, here, comparing the verse of the epic with nuclear weapons and talking about “Jack Kirby doing Hindu gods”, along with the site for the show and lots of concept artwork (of which I’m posting a few examples below).

Come on, it’s going to be a corker isn’t it? We might even get a comic book one day.

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