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Bleeding Cool poster and general scourge of the internet _OM_ had nothing better to do this weekend than sit watching’s streaming coverage of Chicago Comic Con and taking screencaps. Take it away, _OM_! (What have I done, what have I done…)


And now Superman, the REAL Batman and Carrie-Robin have shown up. You’re wrong, Rich. This isn’t car-crash TV, this is grandma parking herself on the train tracks IMAX!

…And then some Bat-Villains show up. Or are they Glam Rappers?

..I’ll play with it after I post this one. This is Camden Toy/Cameron Troy/Camera Toy/whatever from Buffy. The interviewer kept screwing up his name, and Camden went along with the gag.

…And the guy on the right, “Butter” of “Butterfest”, is clearly channeling America’s Greatest Astronaut, Jose Jimenez You have to hear his Panamanian accent to get this, tho.

…And this Super-Fan won a Yi Sun Sin graphic novel. “Whaddya mean it’s not Superman?”

“But as a consolation prize, you win a date with FGJ!”

…See Rich? You should have gone. You could have asked this guy on the left about Hal’s threesome!

…Or you could have gotten John Stewart’s take on it all:

The guy on the right was getting props for his Wolverine claws.

…This 6’1″ gal on the right just invited all the Twilight Twi-Tards to show up. The con is now doomed.

…And these two were just there for the wrestlers and the WWWhatever toys. That’s a Rowdy Roddy Piper doll in a kilt, not some wrestler in drag. Rich and SUPERECWFAN1 would understand, natch.

…A lower-case “V”:

…And a gothic Mary Poppins?

…Is she old enough to be wearing that Black Canary costume? And can Mark and Rich get in trouble for this image?

…The guys at UFrag appear to have been somewhat stimulated or at least made nervous of the above cosplayer’s potential legal issues here:

“You okay, pal? Still breathing??”

…Guys, meet Nikki Fury:

…The guys from BGB Productions and Legion Studios, channeling the old EC Fan-Addicts in their works. Either that, or Rob Zombie:

…And things are finally starting to get a little crowded at the con. It’s what? ~6:10pm CDT in Chi-Town?

…Holy 80’s Disco, Batman! It’s Taylor Dayne! Remember when she had a career?



4Chantard: “Duh. Show us ur t!tz!”

…A rather short-changed Ianto Jones:

…A rather expensive Chewbacca costume:

…And then there’s dumb and dumber. You choose.

…Cheerleaders for some Chicago sports team, plugging Ticketmaster. Go figger:

Side note: the one on the right is a dead ringer for a stripper friend of mine that I’ve worked with in the past. Actually thought it was her for a second because she moved to Chicago a couple of years ago, but there was no sunburst around her belly button.

..Michael Papajohn – spelled like the pizza – was the villain who killed Uncle Ben, who also couldn’t remember Tobey MacGuire’s name, but then beat the shit out of a Spidey in the black suit…or was that Venom?

…Moon Knight. The interviewer had no idea who MK is. No. Really.

…Followed immediately by Batman.

…Had the interviewer had one iota of a clue, he’d have gotten these two debating one another over whether Moon Knight *isn’t* a ripoff of Batman.

….This guy’s not in costume. He’s Raymond_Benson, the official novelist for the James Bond series from 1997 to 2003.

…In lieu of having all that many comic-based interviews, the UFrag guys have been getting themselves tattooed. The tattoo artist apparently had never done a Mario Brothers one, so…:

…Dirge and Boba Fett discussing time and length required to make these costumes. In this case, cost was simply defined as time:

…Anakin Skywalker and a rather short-changed Wonder Woman:

…SUPERECWFAN1, this one’s for you: Rowdy Roddy Piper himself:

…And The Smoke was lumbering around as well. Remember, this was a wrestling fans autograph con as well:

…Actor Doug Jones, whose many minor credits can be found here on IMDB. About the only role that comes to mind without looking there, tho, is that of “Abe Sapien” in the two Hellboy flicks:

…And the crowds aren’t too bad. Nowhere near SDCC, but probably about what you’d expect when the Big Two aren’t there and the con’s more for the wrestlers, cosplayers and tattoo freaks. Supposedly Lou Ferigno’s there, but UFrag(*) hasn’t gotten him on screen yet.

(*) Gotta really keep an eye on that name. I keep leaving out an “r” for some facked reason.

…Speaking of screencaps, we’ll try this again with Saturday’s VoxPops from UFrag. Here’s Superjail‘s warden:

…Lucky for you kids, I didn’t cap the next cosplayer, who was some extremely HUGE gal somehow stuffed into a corset and claiming to be a steampunk train or something like that. And before you complain about my comments, you should have seen the ones in the chat room.

…This guy got some lengthy interview time dressed as Blade, with lots of vampire-killing props. They should sic him on the Twi-Tards when they show up!

…And then Cobra Commander showed up. Someone needs to tell him that the new movie is nothing more than a parody of Team America, and a bad one at that:

…Taylor Dane and Black Box literally *BUTCHER* The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Under the Bridge:

…And the next time any of you complain about my posts, remember that I spared you all by not embedding the *audio* of this disaster.


…Dynamite comes in small packages! Ed Gale, kids. The guy who got stuck in that Howard the Duck suit, who later redeemed himself as Chucky:

…UFrag will no doubt have this guy’s interview online shortly, and I suggest everyone give it a view. Ed’s really an inspiration for those needing one of those “never give up, you dipshit!” motivational nudges!

…Here’s George Adamczyk of “Scapegoatman” comics, comic books about Chicago Baseball:

…He reminds me of one of the best bathroom graffiti sports jokes I’ve ever encountered:

Yeah, but *what’s* the question?
“Who was Felipe & Matty Alou’s Brother?”


…Jeremy Bulloch, the original Boba Fett!

…And Jeremy comments on the fate of Boba Fett at the end of Return of the Jedi: He wakes up inside the Sarlacc, goes “Where am I?”, realizes he’s going to be in there a while, opens up a Hooters’ inside to pass the time while he fixes his jet pack, and then blows his way out.

No. I’m serious.

…Speaking of Jedis and whatnot, this gal was very happy about winning this new toy:

…Make of it what you will

…Cobra troopers. Egads.

…Kat, Tigh and Adama, at CCC09 to talk about The Plan:

Eddie Olmos: “If The Plan sells 100,000 Blu-Rays on Day One, there’ll be more 2-hour BSG films.”

…Aluminum foil and scrap plastic sums up to Weapon X:

…And an Imperial R2 unit. Hey Hubie! He’s toinin’ poiple!

…Optimus Prime, constructed mostly out of foam to keep it as light as possible. Duh. Supposedly this huge costume won the contest. Duh again.

…This was so loaded with innuendo I’ll let you kids go listen to the clip yourselves. “We’re all virgins” my fat butt.

…Gambit meets Hello Kitty? Hello if I know:

“That’s no moon…”

…She claims she has this mohawk down to a science. Sid, come back! All is forgiven!

…The Trinamic Trio again. Supes apparently changed his duds to his death version:

…Apparently there were three guys there teaching con attendees how to use a light saber.

…And Spidey’s apparently, er, “packing”. Either that, or the suit is *really* tight.

…Dolly Death Star. Yee-haw.


“Them’s sure no moons.”

“How come your mom looks younger than you?”

…One of the guys from Scare Tactix Graphix going into detail about upcoming projects, some of which made the worst Garbage Pail Kids seem normal. Some creators like drawing pictures of nekkid chicks, others like drawing pictures of zombies doing things unspeakable. Go figger.

…And on that note, Eric Hodson claims he’s got a different approach to zombies. Is there such a thing? He’s also got Chad the Fat Kid, which sounds like it’s the life story of quite a few people.

…Frack me! A console gaming geekette who’s not built like me?? Supposedly a #1 ranked Smash Brothers player.

Interviewer: “Would you consider yourself a geek or a nerd?”

Chick: “Yes!”

…Apparently there’s two of’em:

…And the UFrag host displays his Mario Brothers tattoo. This *WILL* hurt.


…Jim Gibbons, Associate Editor at Wizard. I give him a month before Rich writes about his dismissal:

…And the good news just in: The Twilight actors in attendance “don’t have time” to appear on UFrag for an interview. This will keep the Twi-Tards from flooding the Intarwebs. Although I suspect Rich would have preferred the spillover hits

…And right at the end of the con, UFrag managed to snag an interview with Starship Troopers Jake Busey:

…Jake basically took over the interview, and it was pretty interesting. I suggest you kids go over to UFrag and watch it when it’s tossed up online.

…One final image from CCC2009: This is Corey of This guy’s a former animator for Cartoon Network – remember when they aired cartoons? – and worked on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He’s also, as you guessed by the mention of CN, currently out of work. They showed some of his portrait photog work, and as one fellow photog to another who’ve never met each other, someone hire this guy just to balance your karma

Okay, OM, back in your box now… back in your box! Get in there I say!!!

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