Things That Make Me Happy - Deadpool #899

Things That Make Me Happy – Deadpool #899

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This is the cover artwork of Deadpool Team Up #899, shipping in November. Goven the Hulk and Hercules numbering snafus earlier, this just made me laugh. Thank you “New York Times Best-Selling author” (this is the only way he should ever be referred to) Fred Van Lente, artist Dalibor Talajić and cover artist Humberto Ramos.

For the unitiated, the October 21st issue is from the mini-series Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #4. the one before that on October 14th, Deadpool #900, October 6th has Deadpool #16 and all the Deadpool issues added up so far would probably not reach #100…

Is there any chance Deecember’s issue with be #898? Please?

This is a strange commentary on the Hulk and Incredible Hercules numbers, when Hercules took over Hulk’s numbering, Hulk started from #1 and somewhere out of sync was an Incredible Hulk #600 which no one could quite work out where it was meant to go.

Deadpool has had a history of taking the mickey out of whatever else Marvel is doing at the time, yet is still taken seriously  ongoing Marvel stories. Almost as if Ambush Bug had had a vital role in Final Crisis. Although, maybe he did since we never saw that last issue of Year None

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