These Are A Few Of My Favourite Tweets: Tom Brevoort and Janelle Siegel

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Tweets: Tom Brevoort and Janelle Siegel

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tb_032_biggergreen_9697_new_hair_0609_biggerJanelle Siegel is an editor on the Batman books at DC Comics. Tom Brevoort is an editor on, well, just about most things, at Marvel.

And while there may be offical strains between the companies, down on the Twitter shop floor it’s Christmas Day in No Man’s Land and they’re playing football.

Janelle Siegel: You know you’re tired when your boss tells you to go back to your desk and take a nap.

Tom Brevoort: Or working for DC…

Janelle Siegel: yeah if only I could work on like thirty books at a time like you guys at marvel. ;)

Tom Brevoort: Heck, these Tweets alone are probably worth a preventative bonus of some kind…

Janelle Siegel: haha yeah that’s the rumor. I’ll send a copy of these tweets to Mike and Dan and see what I can leverage out of them. :D

Tom Brevoort: And hey, the Batman relaunch was a good piece of work across the boards. Not every book a gem, but a good batting average. Janelle Siegel: thanks! I’m pretty proud of our lineup at the moment.

Lucas Siegel: you two know with how dead wizard Chicago is, this conversation is front page on ‘rama tomorrow, right?

Tom Brevoort: Sorry, you’re getting me in a weird, tired mood. Somewhere, Rich Johnston is smiling.

Graeme McMillan: You wait until tomorrow, @RichJohnston is going to have it on Bleeding Cool already… ;)

I am that predictable aren’t I?

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