Previewing Chicago

Previewing Chicago

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chicagoI’m not at Chicago Comic Con this year. But the abscence of Wizard or WizardWorld branding at this year’s Chicago Comic Con is freaking a few people out who suddenly feel like it’s the early nineties all over again. There are reports of not lots of people but not exactly stellar sales at yesterday’s Preview Night, with a proviso that at least it wasn’t the Wednesday Crush from San Diego.

The abscence of the Big Four from the shop floor is notable, though the likes of Avatar, Top Shelf, Dabel and the individual Image booths are making the most of that, suddenly the big dicks on campus. Much has been made of Reed grabbing the big boys booths for their C2E2 Chicago convention next year, and naturally there is talk of exclusive deals being signed by the big Reed boys, with Wizard suddenly looking minnowish in the negotiation stakes. There’s been a lot of attacks against Wizard of late, will they start to gain underdog sympathy as a result of this kind of thing?

There did seem to be an abundance of wrestlers. A common comment seems to be “I thought this was a comics con, not a wrestling con” and Gareb Shamus’ involvement with the wrestling industry is being pointed at. But you, at least thsese guys actually look more like superheroes than, well, everyone else there. Although the female Rorschach cosplayer got a fair few notable comments, which is rare for someone who isn’t flaunting their breasts. And the actors charging for photos thing seems to be more prevalent at Chicago than elsewhere. This year’s rates, $30 for a Lou Ferrigno pose, $50 for Billy Dee Williams. This is really how star appeal should be judged, how much they can get away for scalping people for grimacing at a camera.

This year’s entry ticket isn’t a badge but a wristband, with potential water damage issue. But that’s okay, I mean how many people who go to conventions actually bother showering when they could be standing in line for an exclusive Wolverine figure?

And UFrag,TV has a livestream webcam from the show, but at time of writing, (about 4am in the morning there), it’s dark, and there’s basically a guy sitting at the booth. No idea who is is or what he’s doing, but he is getting a little comment…


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