Friday At Chicago Comic Con 2009

ufrag2If you’re at WizardWorld Chicago Comic Con today, you’ll have a host of programming to distract you from the wrestlers and Star Wars extras. And while there are stomach churning conflicts it’s

At 3pm it’s Mark Millar’s Ultimate Avengers vs Warren Ellis’ SuperGod as Marvel’s Ultimate Panel and the Avatar Panel go head to head. Or you could go and ask Emma Caulfield how it feels for Wizard’s programming site to list her as starring “as Anya for X seasons on Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, or Jason Aarn and Brian Azzarello Q&A’s about crime comics.

If any of those dragged you away from Mark Millar, don’t worry, he’s on again at 4pm talking about Ultimate Comics Avengers, Wanted, Kick Ass, and probably foxes, Superman capes and anal sex. Or if he already talked about that, find Alex Maleev, Jim Cheung, Esad Ribic and Mike Choi talking about, well, comics. And Kristanna Loken off of Terminator 3 and Painkiller Jane talking about, well, whever she’s up to now.

And at 5, you’ve got Kingdom Comics Vs Image Comics vs Aspen Comics vs Greg Horn vs Admiral Adama and Colonel Tye. So… what kind of fan are you?

I’m not there, but you are! Why not Twitter with the Bleeding Cool Twitter hashtag #bct and I’ll pick it up.

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