Chicago Watching. From A London Semi-Detached.

ultavg001_cov_villain-variant_colOkay, so, it’s an hour until the denizens of Room A get to see a chunk of KickAss… so what else is going on in that place?

Bleeding Cool ran the big bits from the Avatar Panel earlier… and CBR has just run all the art from the Ultimate Marvel panel which appears to show villain variant covers for a number of the Ultimate Comics titles.

See previews of Ultimate Comics: Avengers here and Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man here

Meanwhile is interviewing a female Joker. With fairly predictable comments…


Actually screw the panels, I’m watching and all the comments coming through. This is real car crash television…


Oh wonderful… the best dressed Twilight fan at tomorrow’s Chicago Comic Con Twilight Q&A gets a limited edition Hungry Edward Tonner Doll. One of two hundred, worth $150. Will Twilight destroy WizardWorld Chicago Comic Con as well?

c2c2Wizard are of course damned if they do and damned if they don’t. When they kicked out people involved with the Long Beach convention at WizardWorld Philadelphia, they got bad press. When they don’t kick out the Reed people involved with the upcoming C2E2 conevention in Chicago, who have snapped up Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image exclusively for the Chicago region, they get people wandering around handing out these leaflets… (photo by Ommus)

Hey is this me on 16:9 instead of 4:3? Damn…


Okay Not updating anymore, OM in the comments, take it away… zzz….

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