Chicago Comic Con To Air Thirteen Minutes Of KickAss

millarAt the 4pm Mark Millar panel at WizardWorld Chicago Comic Con in, what, an hour and fifteen minutes, I understand thirteen minutes will air from the fantastically violent and sweary Matthew Vaughn/Jane Goldman movie KickAss, adapted from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr’s Kick-Ass comic for Marvel. Or is the comic an adaptation of the film now? It’s hard to tell.

Anyway, this has significantly increased the attraction of the already much-anticipated panel. I believe it may very well kick ass.

Naturally, filming of the footage will be forbidden for attendees, so expect to see it up on YouTube in a couple of days.  And if you don’t want to take the hit, email it over.

Any photos of whatever beard concoction Mark is currently sporting, do let me see.

The Mark Millar Q&A panel is in Room A (Michael Turner Room) from 4pm to 5pm. You might want to start queuing…now.

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