Thursday Sees Second Wednesdays, First Act-I-Vates, Apologies, Hitler, Free Gibbons And Agriculture

Thursday Sees Second Wednesdays, First Act-I-Vates, Apologies, Hitler, Free Gibbons And Agriculture

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gibbonsIn 1994, Dave Gibbons was art director for the PC/Amiga computer game Beneath A Steel Sky for Revolution Software and Virgin Interactive. The Watchmen artist designed artistic elements for the game as well as a narrative comic. It was a number one best seller on release, with good reviews but has now been been made available at for free.

They ummed and ahhed. They worried it wouldn’t sell. They fretted over the paper quality. But I knew this was going to be a hit. And so did DC Comics. And so DC overprinted on copies of Wednesday Comics like a motherflipper, able to supply reorder upon reorder upon reorder. Turns out it wasn’t enough. DC are reprinting Wednesday Comics #1 and #2 as #5 hits the stands. You want copies? Get your orders in now.

As Erik apologises for certain comments “And–I regret having said that Neil is a dick”, Grant Morrison gets attacked for one of his own interviews for Hollywood Reporter in which he said “I don’t care about geeks, you know? Geeks shouldn’t be given power. When geeks get power, you get Hitler. There’s a lot of weird and angry geeks out there.” and retailer Steve Bennett kicks back saying “Yes, and for over the last twenty years they’ve kept you continuously employed. Under those circumstances gratitude, appreciation or silence would seem to be the appropriate response, not stooping to play the Hitler Card to smear comic book fans. At the very least I’d like to think a writer of Mr. Morrison’s caliber would know better than to violate Godwin’s Law* especially its corollary which states the first person to bring up Nazi’s automatically loses the argument.”

“It’s also just factually untrue; okay, North Korean Dictator Kim Jon-il does look like someone who could be trying to fill the holes in his Archie digest collection and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it turned out Hugo Chavez was heavily into manga tentacle porn. And you can always drag out Napoleon but historically speaking your average brutal fascist strongman has been your beefy outdoorsy type, not someone you’d pick out of a line-up of comic book fans.”

And in other web-to-print news, IDW is to publish hardcover collections of new stories from the Act-I-Vate webcomic creators as Act-I-Vate Primer, with sixteen stories from eighteen creators, with a foreword by Warren Ellis. Free preview here.

And while they haven’t been seen online, I’m sure they will be available by less salubrious means the day of publication. Talking of which, it seems that the departure of comics pirate Archangel was not as permanent as I reported. But so chuffed it seems was Archangel by the piece I ran on his departure that in recent Avatar comics he has illegally scanned and uploaded, while house ads have been removed, I’m tolf that the house ads for remain… aw, sweet.

And hey! I thought as part of my Bleeding Cool contract I was exclusive to this site now?

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