Avatar's Other Plug Of The Week - Absolution #1

Avatar’s Other Plug Of The Week – Absolution #1

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abAbsolution #1 by Christos Gage and Roberto Viacava ships from Avatar in the US today and the UK tomorrow. As those who picked up the prologue #0 know, this is the story about a superhero who belongs to the police force, who has decided to covertly murder those who escape justice or commit crimes so heinous that imprisonment feels such a minor punishment.

So, yes, we’re talking Dexter-in-a-cape (or, rather, tight fitting leathers), but with a far heavier moral burden placed upon the protagonist’s shoulders. He’s not a psychopath, he’s just a pragmatist, challenged by the nightmares that he has seen. With a wife also on the force, in a non-super powered capacity, he’s going to start, Dexter-wise, investigating the very crimes that he has committed…

The book is by screenwriter Christos Gage, known more these days for his comic work for Marvel, IDW and Wildstorm, on The Initiative, GI Joe and Stormwatch PHD.

I read it last week and rather liked it. Preview below, plug over.

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