Tuesday Stuff, Muppets, Astro Boy, Byrne And Sandman

Tuesday Stuff, Muppets, Astro Boy, Byrne And Sandman

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With eBay bids for Stuff Of Legend #1 topping $15, the Art Of Chew hitting $79

Comics for Boom!, comics for Archaia, Jim Henson will also see PBS webcomics for their new series Wilson & Ditch: Digging America at a site that receives 9 million unique visitors a week. But who will win the print rights, hmm?

John Byrne posted to the Fixya boards, looking for help with a printer problem – “Black drops out in graphics. Prints as blue edges, sometimes as pale blue fill. Color or B&W same.” Sadly the responses weren’t exactly helpful.

Your old printer was better.

Do all your printer heads look like Reed Richards?

Actually, what you are seeing is a color not found in nature.
Its black with blue”Hi-Lites”.

The printer has determined the quality of the work you are attempting to print to be substandard.

This is a standard feature on these printers.

Can anyone just help the man without having to make a sarcastic comment? I mean, all he wants is his printer to print properly…

Michael Jackson as Spider-Man? Really?

ComicMix gets threatened by Imagi’s lawyers over the “Astro Boy” image they ran. And as a result the site has decided never to cover any of the studios work again… let’s ee them pull that trick if Marvel ever do the same.

And as the Erik Larsen/Neil Gaiman kerfuffle kicks up a notch, here’s a reminder of Erik’s entertaining take on the Spawn issue back in Savage Dragon

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