Frankenstein's Womb By Warren Ellis And Marek Oleksicki

Frankenstein’s Womb By Warren Ellis And Marek Oleksicki

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2862106169_e718158168In this first of a couple of Avatar Plugs Of The Week, lets have a shufty at Frankenstein’s Womb.

Now, Warren Ellis loves genetics. And he loves technology. And especially loves the bits that crossover and make you unable to look at your Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket anymore.

Well it looks like he’s doing it again, with this graphic novella, you know, like Crecy, but with Marek Oleksicki on art, and what an appropriate surname that is, with Felipe Massafera putting out the kind of cover you normally see on Pro Life pamphlets and the kind of package that might get you arrested at airports.

You’re going to have a look aren’t you? Excellent, good to hear.


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