Italian Communist Party Finds Inspiration And Exploitation In DC Comics’ Red Son

Posted by July 30, 2009 2 Comments

supershirtOne of the Italian Communist parties,  Partito di Rifondazione Comunista, has found inspiration for a recent run of advertising and merchandise (yes, yes, how very Communist) in Mark Millar and Dave Johnson’s Red Son series for DC Comics. Commissioned when Mark Millar was not exactly a name, it was much delayed, and the series was eventually published to excellent sales while Millar was a hot creator. An Elseworlds title, the world was revisited in the series 52 and is part of the current multiverse.

The series takes the concept of Superman landing on Earth 12 hours earlier and, thanks to the orbit of the Earth, in Russia. Brought up as a good communist, he takes over the world, turning it communist, aside from an intrangigent set of holdouts led by Lex Luthor. While not exactly a glowing testimonial to communism, it does point out certain benefits with such a Superman ensuring its perfect ideals.

However with posters such as these, well, I somehow get the feeling that DC’s licensing department were not consulted. Still for 10 Euros a shirt, I bet I’m not the only one who’s tempted.


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