Tuesday At The Cool

Tuesday At The Cool

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Eleven year old girl: “If you were a teacher, what would you teach?”

David Tennant: “English”

Crowd: “Sex Ed!”

So I woke today at noon. Janice has started going to work this week and her parents were by looking after the kids for today. It’s a whole new world. Tomorrow Bleeding Cool becomes “Bleeding children!!” And I’m going to love it.

Today will also see the start of a new column, A Very Modern Muse by Irene Adler. I met “Irene” at San Diego, as she held court, with a number of comic writers, artists and, well, one gossip columnist. And  now you get to join in. Well, she does like attention…

I’m sorry, the only people I licked at San Diego were Ben Templesmith and Elliot Serrano, who thankfully had the whole thing on tape.

There have now been multiple reports of Perry Moore (Chronicles of Narnia producer, author of Hero, a young adult novel about a gay teen superhero) appeared on panels such the Gays In Comics seemingly a little worse for wear and causing a verbal ruckus over the likes of, well, Northstar. Things did seem to settle down over the convention during other panels, but on Sunday I’m told that Moore called up Ted Abenheim, of the gays in comics organisation Prism, asking for Prism’s credit card number as he assumed Prism were paying his hotel bill. When Abenheim informed him that as a non profit organisation, Prism was unable to pay his expenses, I understand it was like Thursday’s panel all over again…

Much more grace was seen by the likes of DC’s VP Sales Bob Wayne who, after being refused entry to an industry event as he was without his specific identity, walked away calmly. Seeing this another industry pro jumped up and pointed out Wayne’s importance only for the situation to be suddenly reversed.

We have learned that Geoff Johns has, naturally, green underwear, that Jonathan Ross can spend more money in one Convention that most of us earn in a year, that Denzil Washington wore a Stormtrooper mask to walk round Con and that event comics can lead to event tattoos…

Photo by James Sime from his flickr stream.

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