Sunday San Diego – Box 11, Bulletproof Coffin, Annotated Sandman

panelIt’s only in the context of Comic Con could this be described in any way as a slower day. It is still crammed to the rafters, but at least there is now room for some of the sweat to drip down to the floor.

Sorry about the paucity of posting today, I’ve been signing Doctor Who comics, going to Doctor Who panels, watching Doctor Who trailers, you know me well. So at 2pm I thought, right, lets find a fun panel where the wi-fi is okay, sit down and multitask. But Dan DiDio refused to let me. On entering the Sunday Afternoon With Dan DiDio panel, he called me up to join the panel along with ex-DC-now-Marvel editor Steve Wacker. Mike Carlin’s face was a picture, but it helped the jokey irreverent mood of the panel as the guests and the audience shared their common love of comics. However, I hear that Hell is a little on the mild side right.

So what else have I been hearing today?

David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, creator of Zuda’s High Moon, will be starting a weekly digital comics series made for and exclusively available on the Comixology Comics on the iPhone application, covered earlier in BleedingCool by Mike Meyer. It’s called Box 13 and it starts in September.

There are lots of people at Comic Con with portfolios hoping to be the next big thing. for an editor to see their work. To say “damn, come draw my comic, here’s a lot of money.” But not all of them are Jasika Nicole, who plays Astrid Farnsworth in Fringe, who was taking her portfolio of comic book artwork around the show looking for a publisher. You know Megan Fox used to to that to. But that was before she was a star in her own right. You go Jasika! Hell, I’m looking for artists you know…

The Image comic by David Hine and Shaky Kane mentioned the other day is called Bulletproof Coffin.

Literary scholar Leslie Klinger and Neil Gaiman are to create The Annotated Sandman, a thoroughly annodated version of the 75 issue comic book series, to be published by Vertigo in four volumes… but it may take some time.

IDW will be publishing an art book/biography of Alex Toth by Dean Mullaney.

Although the comic-geek movie starring and written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Paul, isn’t being filmed at San Diego, they want it to look as realistic as possible. And they are getting all sorts of publishers to provide stock and set up booths for the fake-San Diego being built in Alberque for the shoot. I made sure to get a few Bleeding Cool t-shirts into the mix.

One thing missing from Rick Veitch’s recent look at his involvement in the history of Sentry? It started as an Hourman pitch…

I’ve heard serious talks amongst certain people about a Constantine 2. With or without Keanu.

Just as Chew #1 was reprinted in black, grey and white as a flipbook on the back of Walking Dead #63, so that readers could read it without waiting for the next printing of Chew#1, so Walking Dead #64 will do the same with Viking #1.

As well as Fighting American, Dynamite has the rights to other Kirby characters, Silver Star, Captain Victory, the Topps titles and more, and are planning a Kirbyverse…

Viking is an Image series by Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein, itself rather popular and burning through two printings. Naturally, to fit in the book, the oversized colour art will be shrunken, cropped and de-colourfied. But for those who can’t wait for a third printing, or who are putting off buying the series because they can’t find Viking #1, it could be a godsend. From Thor or something. Orders for Chew #3 increased by 3000 when the Walking Dead #63 reprint of #1 shipped.

As for Chew#1 (as seen repeatedly on Bleeding Cool) I understand that soon Image will produce a Last Printing edition. And then that’s it until the trade…

Okay time to wrap things up folks, wi-fi to pack in shortly… see you back in Blighty in a couple of days!

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