That Friday Feeling

That Friday Feeling

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250720091610It’s true. Being lifted to my feet in the corridor to my hotel room was not my finest hour. And to be fair, I didn’t so much pass out as think the carpet looked comfy and wouldn’t it be nice to lie down on it, just for a second…

But it had been a heavy day. What with Marvelman briefly bringing down the Bleeding Cool server, Kieron Gillen refusing to dance on a podium despite my protestations, gatecrashing the Sideshow party to steal hot dogs, being invited to the William Morris Endeavor party (thank you kind sirs!), talking late into the night with Marv Wolfman about Doctor Who and Coupling, shaking the hand of Stan Lee and wondering if I could clone him with the resultant DNA, telling one of the producers of The Vampire Diaries that it was unlikely they’d be able to persuade Alan Moore to write an episode, being seranaded by Bob Segal’s drummer and basically just feeling the love, I was embolded to drink, eat and strike meaningless poses beyond my means… ow ow ow…

240720091602Thankfully I can piece together the rest of the day with photos on my phone. So we have Mike Allred was showing off the original art for Wednesday Comics – it doesn’t fit on his drawing board, but it is useful for hiding behind. Barry Levine has a new tattoo… based on Jim Steranko artwork for Radical. And at the time this photo was taken, still seemed wet. And possibly bleeding…

Oh and to my shame, I heard in the bar a couple of nights ago that IDW had “signed” Shrek. Interesting I thought, signing a Dreamworks licence when Boom have got Disney, yeah I could see that.

Turned out they meant Bob Schreck, ex Dark Horse and DC editor. Damn. Missed that one.

How long till we get Frank Miller IDW comics? Anyone?  Dare we say… Frank Miller GI Joe?

250720091617And there was a lot of love for the strippers of San Diego who took to the streets dressed in trademark superhero gear, and to entice the fans – although there were a fair number of cosplayers happy to wear less in the Con itself. Covering your nipples in chalk doesn’t constitute clothing in my book, but there weren’t many complaints.

And I know people say Mark Millar looks young on camera but come on, this is ridiculous.

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