Saturday Belongs To Carl And Molly

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250720091620Aw bless, they made it. You helped these internet sweethearts raise the additional $500 they needed to both make it to San Diego Comic Con and meet for the first time. Which they did last night. And, thankfully, they weren’t instantly repulsed… our Bleeding Cool donators won’t be getting their money back. Just look at Carl’s smug grin…

twitBut Saturday was big. Really big. Comic Con became the number one and number two trending topic on Twitter, pretty much every major media corporation is covering the show – yet it sold out months ago. The floors were full, even the Wildstorm panel was two rows deep.

And how many indie comics get a fanzine about them? Phonogram joins the exclusive club.

As part of the major changes to the Wildstorm line announced, Derek Robinson is one of the line of  two-issue artists lined up for the Keith Giffen reworking and continuing of the Grant Morrison/Gene Ha Authority series. No mention though of Joel Gomez, of Witchblade fame, who I understand will also be drawing two of the issues. But thanks for the free cookies, Mr Lee!

Look for a new zombie book from Boom! Studios, Zombie Tales 2071…

260720091624Garrison is a currently unscheduled book by Jeff Marriote and Franscesco Francavilla, a near future thriller about a man who unelievably had no ID. And building up a body count. Surveillance culture versus a lack of identity.. a number of issues are completed… but it’s currently unmentioned by Wildstorm! Is that part of the mystery?

Three people independently came up to me to tell me that post Dark Reign, post Dark Siege, Steve Rogers return will be not as Captain America but as Director of SHIELD-or-whatever-SHIELD-is-then, as only he has the moral authority to sort out the whole mess. And it seemed to be spreading like wildfire. Sounded fun, certainly possible, but Marvel were tied up on e-mails, who should I check this with?

Oh look, Ed Brubaker is doing a signing at the Marvel booth. Ed? Ed!

Sorry folks, but it’s a no no… direct from the Bru.

260720091625Max Brooks found a unique way to read comic books while he was meant to be signing at the Avatar booth. He hid. I approve!

And my favourite moment of the day. Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld trying to work out which of them inked which pages in those jam Spider-Man issues…


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