That Was The San Diego Thursday That Was.

That Was The San Diego Thursday That Was.

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The Wall Street Journal kicked off the Comics! As! Movies! dialogue that possessed the show yesterday. The floor was much less busy as Ballroom 20, and Hall H especially, took the brunt with enormous eye watering queues, including the legendary Twilight panel. As a result, for much of the day, where there weren’t queues for limited edition superhero dolls, you could acros the floor without hitting Stormtroopers. Which was nice.

Of course, those in the queue for Hall H may disagree.

So what bits have been coming to be? Well Christos Gage at the Avatar booth joined in Brian Bendis in my at-least-partially dismissed story about Matt Fraction on Thor. Though he was much nicer about it.

I have been told by one excitable Little Bleeder that Geoff Johns has a new Flash comics project lined up, as well as Flash: Blackest Night and that screenplay for the Flash movie. They just can’t come quickly enough. That Little Bleeder also told me that Greg Rucka is returning to Wonder Woman with the Wonder Woman: Blackest Night. If I see either, I’ll ask. Oh and apparently I have to ask James Robinson if Robotman is Eva Brun. Don’

Kieron Gillen and Jame McKelvie, creators of Phonogram were planning to have Phonogram T-shirts available for San Diego, on the basis that many bands make their money on the shirt sales. Sadly they just realised that the ordered the shorts to arrive next week instead of this. It’s Spinal Tap and Stonehenge all over again.

I’ve been talking to Top Shelf about the Google themes story I ran earlier. Turns out that the comic book creator/character/imprints visuals tell a story. Whichever theme you choose, keep refreshing to get the next part of the story.

Drunken antics at the Gays In Comics panel turned a civilised discussion about how comic companies treat gay characters and gay issues, into a mad discussion and partial fight over what the hell happened with Northstar.

Panel members for Twilight Saga: A New Moon had to wear ear plugs because of the Beatlemaniac screaming from the crowd. Last year almost burst one cast member’s eardrums, this year they took no chances. And hit record decibel levels…

San Diego really need to invent an ID tag that doesn’t flip round like that. And air conditioning that’s always on. And Wi-Fi that stretches. But anyway.

Boom! showed the most creative imagination regarding parties last night, by holding their party in the Homophobic Hyatt. On the ground floor. Where everyone was anyway. And no free drinks. Basically it was the euivalent of “everyone back to my place” and cost the publisher nothing more than publicity. And gained a couple of entertaining fights, hot-extended-real-lesbian kissing for the benefit of Tony Lee and a number of slack jawed comic creators,  leaps from the hotel’s ironwork that should have landed people in hospital but thankfully the alcohol cushioned the fall. But nothing could excuse the occasional bouts of Russian dancing.

Oh and my description of Jonathan Ross’s costume as some kind of Ghostbusters/Hazmat affair? Ross twittered me saying

@richjohnston nope it’s Laurence fishburnes actual outfit from event horizon !

Okay, that’s cool…

Sorry for the delays, wi-fi is problematic but I have to leave you with the news that Image have announced a new book, Choker, by Ben (Fell) Templesmith and Ben (Heidi’s boyfriend) McCool. And I have licked them both…

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