Mark Millar Swoops In To San Diego

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I understand that Mark Millar is flying in to San Diego for the Kick Ass Panel tomorrow at 5.45pm PT. The current convention listing has been updated to include Mark Millar as a guest on the panel.

He posts on his board while sitting in an airport;

Fuckign Hell!

Didn’t know this was happening until Monday as am on holiday, but Vaughn guilted me into flying out for Thursday and am in BA lounge right now, leaving at noon. Allah be praised I’ll be there late tonight, totally fucked after a day flying and then heading of home in the early hours of Friday morning.

Please come up and talk to me so I feel important. And beg, borrow or blow someone for tickets for the Kick-Ass panel where you’ll see tons of previews. It’s brilliant. Fuck Avatar AND Jim Cameron!!!!

PS Nothing organized book wise, but will obviously find somewhere great at the last minute. Doing press for three hours after panel but am not going to bed Thursday night and will sleep on plane home next morning. SEE YOU THERE!!!!

PPS My first SDCC since 2000… ie, since anyone would give a shit

Jonathan Ross has also twittered that his wife, Jane Goldman, co-writer of the Kick Ass movie, is flying into San Diego ahead of him. So, though not listed, it’s possible she may also be attending the panel. As indeed might Jonathan Ross who could make a fine moderator should he so choose.

Also in the bar tonight, Nicolas Cage, although also not listed by Comic Con, was mentioned as an attending guest…

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