Bleeding In The Gutters - Jonathan Ross, The Twelve, Google Saves San Diego

Bleeding In The Gutters – Jonathan Ross, The Twelve, Google Saves San Diego

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img_3181-1024x682I walked into Chris Weston last night. As usual I have to come to San Diego to meet old friends who live down the road. Chris tells me that while he doesn’t have any new script pages for The Twelve to work from as of yet, he is expecting that to change shortly…

I am impressed with the Avatar Press branding of San Diego. Seriously William must have pulled off a coup with the… wait, what? James Cameron? Oh sorry, as you were…

British broadcaster and comedian Jonathan Ross has been tweeting about his in-progress comic book. He writes;

Today I am just so psyched and excited ! Have seen artwork from the comic book I have written – it is so much better then I had dared hope !!

Followed by;

Sorry to not be more forthcoming about comic book I am working on. Until distribution deal is signed off i can’t really tell more

He’s coming to San Diego Comic Con, hopefully I’l be able o get a word ortwo. Bet he’ll be at the Kick Ass panel on Thursday, his wife did co-write the screenplay after all.

Andrew Wheeler condemns the comic industry for supporting the hotel that I’m staying in. To fight back against the system, I stole a croissant this morning from a sales conference buffet.

Andrew works for Google, and it is Google I understand who have Saved The Day at San Diego by paying for Wi-Fi to cover the convention. Expect a whole lot of tweeting and blogging to be going down thanks to the Mighty G.

I’ll be signing/chatting/blogging at the Avatar booth at 7-8pm this evening, pop by. Or if you want a chat, call me on my new US number, 1-626 216 2780. You can find my current schedule here.

Oh and William Christensen’s just told me he fell asleep in the shower. It’s going to be one of those days.

Cool photo from Pinguino!

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