The Sixth's The Charm - Everything Changes For Wildstorm In December

The Sixth’s The Charm – Everything Changes For Wildstorm In December

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A few months ago, I heard that comic creators have been asked to write and pitch to the DC Comics imprint and ex-Image studio Wildstorm for a major creative shakeup of their shared-universe superhero titles for the end of the year.

The core books of the imprint, WildCATS, Authority, Gen 13 and the rest will see new creative teams. It’s been expected that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning of Authority would be leaving in line with their new Marvel Comics contracts but Wildstorm seem to have taken the opportunity to make widepread creative changes – although their apocalyptic World’s End storyline will continue with the new teams.

This Is Wildstorm #0, a giveaway book debuting at San Diego Comic Con will lay out the kind of changes you can expect. Some names have been announced on the Wildstorm Bleed blog. But many haven’t.

So you already know that Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs will be on DV8. You might guess that Al Barrionuevo might be drawing The Authority.

But you haven’t yet been told that Killapalooza and victim-of-stolen-comics Adam Beechen will write Wildcats and The Highwaymen writers Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman will take Authority. Stormwatch however will be cancelled, its members assimilated into other Wildstorm titles.

Critical reaction to recent Wildstorm titles has been excellent, though accompanied with low sales figures. It’s hoped that this change will bring attention to the quality of their superhero comics. If it doesn’t there may have to be changes. Wildstorm have a higher profile these days for their licensed titles, with considerable sales on the likes of Gears Of War and high critical acclaim and decent trade paperback programmes for creator-owned comics such as Ex Machina and Astro City. One many wonder if you actually need another superhero universe at DC Comics at all…

Expect this and a lot more from the Wildstorm panel at 3.30pm on Saturday at San Diego… where you may discover new projects outside the Wildstorm Univese by StormWatch writer Ian Edginton and Wildcats writer Christos Gage…

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