Mark Millar Gives Own Film 11/10

Mark Millar Gives Own Film 11/10

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On his Millarworld board, Mark Millar wrote;

I saw Kick-Ass yesterday in the company of the director, the other producers, Kick-Ass lead Aaron Johnson and his director girlfriend Sam Taylor-Wood. And oh my fucking Hell, this is going to be massive.

Well, we kind of expect you to say that, Mark.

I know, I know. You’d EXPECT me to say that.

Damn. He continues;

This isn’t just going to be huge. This isn’t just going to make a fortune. This is the next step in superhero movies and the bar has just been raised, my friends.

So what is his favourite moment?

I can’t even pick a favourite moment.

Okay then, your top four?

From Banana Splits playing as Hit-Girl slices her way through a gang of junkies (see issue four) to Hit-Girls training (see issue six) to Dave getting stabbed and hit by a car in the first act. This movie moves like a rocket. It’s one of the tightest things I have ever seen and the finale actually had me almost shaking.

The big confrontation from the last two issues is literally one of the best fight scenes I have ever seen in cinema.

Oh come on Mark, this weekend I watched the fight scene in Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. How are you going to beat that, hey?

Mark teases superb test audience figures and will release that data after the San Diego footage is shown and put the movie out to auction for studios/distributors after that, fixing a date then releasing a trailer.

He concludes by giving the film the score in the title.

You know what? Yes, he’s hyping. Yes he’s building up steam. Yes, he’s got a movie to sell. But I read the screenplay and really enjoyed it. And if it lives to, and even exceeds the potential there, there’s no reason why he couldn’t be right.

There have been naysayers. I received word a while back from studio screen readers that the movie was definitely not happening, then that there would be no name talent in the movie at all, then that because certain expected dates and deadlines had been missed, it wasn’t going to be made. All of which seem to have had their asses, well, kicked.

There might be quite a queue come San Diego…


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