Help Two Geeks Get It On At San Diego

Help Two Geeks Get It On At San Diego

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Carl Jansson and Molly Isaac. The love that dare not speak its name. Long distance online, never-met-face-to-face love.

Carl is coming to San Diego Comic Con. And Molly really wants to. But Molly is in Idaho. And because, as she puts it, she is a “photographer, comic book fiend, postcard addict, graphic designer, cosplayer, video game store employee, all around uber geek” she is broke.

They need a further $500 to get together. And yes, for that money Carl could pay for all sorts of companionship in San Diego, but it’s just not the same is it?

The donation deadline is today, Monday, July 24th. I’m about to donate $50. I don’t know what that qualifies me for a button, a wristband, a kiss on the cheek (from Carl obviously) or just the satisfaction of being in the service of true love. Of course, if they don’t get it together, I think I’ll be due a refund. No pressure, Carl and Molly.

Follow the drama here and make your donation here. Seriously, another 45 of you donating $10 each and they’ve reached home base. As it were.

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