Saturday Runaround - Dorman, Indian Romance And $3.99 Past From The Blast

Saturday Runaround – Dorman, Indian Romance And $3.99 Past From The Blast

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Dave Dorman twitters

Gee. I sure wish the Dabel Bros. would pay me the $1k they owe me for the cover I did for them, which they just reprinted in a compilation.

Basically, they’ve screwed me twice.

Matt Brady announces his resignation from Newsarama. Good luck Matt, thanks for all the fun! And just in time for some big event of other in which a bunch of comics and comics-related media companies are all gathered in one big room, and a number of nearby bars, all ready to schmooze you…

The Wildstorm blog The Bleed (we really should sue, shouldn’t we?) runs the wraparound cover to Planetary #27


The X-Men relationship chart has been doing the rounds of late, from

…but have you noticed that while Wolverine certainly gets around, about 90% of his bedded babes are now deaded babes? Is Wolverine a symptomless carrier of something nasty?

All this fuss about the $3.99 price point, well, do you remember the last time? Back in 2006 when all Marvel books went to $2.99 or above? The Newsarama boards were awash with comment. A poll had 41% saying they were going to drop all or some of their Marvel comics.Three years later, Marvel is still the No. 1 publisher by a large degree. (Thanks to spectre 615 )

Tom Brevoort reveals another Secret Invasion planning memo, with such pertinent points such as;

As Bendis pointed out for HOUSE OF M, we’re only as strong as our weakest link.

We want to debut as much new stuff in SECRET INVASION as we can, to leverage the strength of promotion towards their spin-outs or launches

The potential exists for SECRET INVASION to do wholesale and lasting damage to the Marvel Universe and the publishing line going forward if we are not extremely careful in how we handle the issue of revealing established characters to be Skrulls. As a result, I am going to be a pit-bull when it comes to allowing such revelations to take place outside of the main title. It is absolutely imperative that when SECRET INVASION is finished, the reader feels satisfied that all of the Skrull agents have been ferreted out, and that no more remain in place.

kissRomance comics return to India, from Euro Books reprinting stories from the DC Thompson collection. The Star Love Collection has taken material from girls’ comics like Jackie, Mandy and Bunty, very popular in the seventies and eighties, and colourised them for a new Indian audience. Sadly they don’t seem to have done anything about the big hair, mullets, sideboards or seventies moustaches however…

And The New York Times prints previews of Image United, the big Image creator crossover thingy with a handy interactive key...

Larry Hama asks:  “How lame is it that Sideshow won’t comp me on a 12″ Snake-Eyes fig? They won’t even reply to my emails!” – cue Hama fans bombarding Hasbro with calls to arms. Articulated arms.

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