Warren Ellis To Sign Avatar Comics At San Diego

Warren Ellis To Sign Avatar Comics At San Diego

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3636796684_47ac79f4efAvatar is proud to welcome Warren Ellis to the San Diego Comic Con where, immediately after talking about some cartoon series or other, he will be signing Avatar comic books for one hour.

But because Warren Ellis is so popular, and his American fanbase rarely get a chance to worship at his feet, Avatar have decided that the best thing is for Warren to sign those comics is at the Marvel booth #2429 where there’s a bit more space.

However that shouldn’t stop you from bringing your Avatar books to be signed, from Ignition City to Strange Kiss, Crecy to Doktor Sleepless, Aetheric Mechanics to Black Summer, No Hero to Black Gas… although Dark Blue you can probably leave at home.

Naturally all manner of Warren Ellis comics will be on sale at the Avatar booth #2701 for you to grab and get signed there and then. When, you know, you’ve queued up at the Marvel booth for ages.

Avatar would like to warn you that the demand is likely to be so high, if you want to stand a chance of a signed comic, you’ll probably have to miss the Marvel Anime panel with Warren Ellis, though I expect Newsarama will have a transcript. This safety feature has probably been implemented to stop Warren Ellis fans from exploding from too much Warren Ellisiness at once, as happened during the old UKCAC conventions in London, when a fan of Warren Ellis’ Excalibur spontaneously combusted in front of him. The situation wasn’t helped by Warren trying to put him out with whisky, and the resulting conflagration caused mass panic and the controlled explosions of a number of portfolios.

This is also the reason why IDW is holding a Doctor Who comics signing at the same time the BBC have a Russell T Davies and Euros Lyn signing. It’s just a way of stopping fanboys exploding.


UPDATE: Our mission has a new urgency. Warren Ellis twitters his most recent revelation regarding the palce he’s being held captive overnight:

Ah, San Diego, how I hate you. “This is a proudly 100% non-smoking hotel.” Thank you so much, Hotel Cockblister Deluxe.

The horror!

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