The Future Of Gutsville

The Future Of Gutsville

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A recent Twinterview with Si Spurrier revealed that his series with Frazer Irving, Gutsville was very much on hold. But artist Frazer Irving gave us hope… he writes;

Talking of creative freedom, GUTSVILLE has been cancelled from Diamond’s books for teh time being because noone was sure when the next issue would ship, which is fair (though I would have rather not found out reading about it on twitter) but allow me to reassure loyal readers that I am still going to finish the story…though the current plan is to finish all 3 remaining issues before resoliciting them to avoid any further delays. So far, issue 4 is done and in between now and me receiving scripts for my 3 part run on Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin I shall be doing issues 5 and 6. The aim of this is to ensure that it looks as good as I can make it whilst also managing to pay the rent and fund my filthy habit of Eating.

Oh go on! Put the fourth issue out anyway!

Frazer also shares the process of creating a cover to David Hine and Jeremy Haun’s Arkham Reborn.


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