Avatar Plug Of Last Week - Major 'No Hero' SPOILER ALERT!!!

Avatar Plug Of Last Week – Major ‘No Hero’ SPOILER ALERT!!!

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nohero6Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp’s No Hero shipped its sixth issue last week from Avatar. For those who saw it, it had an unforgettable twist and end scene. Those of you trade waiting, or still planning to read the issue should move on.

Are you still here?

No seriously.

There are spoilers, big spoilers, massive visual spoilers, and I’m basically doing this, on Avatar’s behalf, to get you to go out and buy the issue that contains this spoiler. It’s the climactic scene. And it deserves to be in your collection. I reckon. The size of your spinal cock may vary.

Okay that’s everyone who wants to keep their spoiler viginity gone, I reckon. Let’s move on.

Firstly, FX7’d up Josh takes Ben apart.


Then he begins to take him apart literally.


Before performing the scene that got everyone gagging, retching, or dropping their jaw.


I think Warren Ellis finds superheroes funny.

All issues are still in stock at Diamond Comics Distributors and can be ordered from your local retailer.

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