The Very Raw Hart D Fisher

The Very Raw Hart D Fisher

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Hart D Fisher is a name known by many in comics. Author and publisher of a series of horror comics, including the comic biography of Jeffrey Dahmer, Hart once faked his death for a month, discovered Gerard Way and John Cassaday, produced horror TV shows and movies, wore a T-shirt reading Marvel Can Suck My Cock for a convention, made some friends and a lot of enemies. It’s so easy to get a stereotyped image of the man, build part from his image and the reaction of others to his work.

But recently he’s been writing about the murder of his girlfriend Michelle, in the middle of making a movie about a serial killer, The Garbage Man, during the nineties that might explain some of his actions at that time. It’s a searing, raw read, a horrific story of pain, justification, loss and anger. Here are a few extracts with links to the posts in question. Read.

I knew what was going on. I knew what they needed to get hunting. He went down his list too slow. When I had to describe the tattoo I’d drawn for her, the one on her belly, the one they identified the body with, I knew her face had been fucked up.

I knew someone hurt her before it ended.

Her grandmother was telling people in Dallas, where she had went to high school, that I’d filmed her murder for my movie The Garbage Man. A few weeks earlier I was sitting at Grandma’s kitchen table, drinking her lemonade, laughing. Now I couldn’t believe what she was saying about me.

Without thinking, I pushed the cassette in. My ears burned. Listening to it hurt. At one point I had to pull over to the side of the road. My hands trembled. I put my head down on the wheel. At home I knew there was mail to sort, dogs to feed, and death threat messages to delete.

San Diego is surreal. I’m a mess. Home is worse.

I know her killer is locked up somewhere in town. I want him like I’ve never wanted anything in my life before. I want to feel him breaking under my knuckles. I want to bathe in his screams. I want to bruise his soul. The brutality of this need pushes…

I’m hanging on as hard as I can but I’ve spun out way over the edge.

Now Daniels was telling folks that he had a relationship with Michelle. The press was all over it. Black male assailant, pretty white girl, yeah they loved this goddamn story, ran it right into the ground. The police needed me to testify as to Michelle’s physical condition before she went to work. They needed me to testify on the witness stand about our sex life. They wanted to know if Michelle liked to be hit, if I had hit her, if we had rough sex.

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