The Blackest Night Promotional Rings – Never Has Free Looked Quite So Tempting

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ringWhat a promotional item to covet. Available from your retailer this Wednesday alongside the first episode of the latest DC event, Blackest Night. Not only are the rings designed for the fatter male adult finger,but they look slightly less shonky that promotional Green Lantern rings of old.

Retailers will be supplied with these bags of these this week, and you are likely to be able to pick one up with a copy of Blackest Night #1 if you ask nicely.

That’s if you can get a copy of Blackest Night# 1. Policy will differ from store to store so you might want to call and check. But call early…

This has been a non-paid-for promotion for DC Comics at my own instigation.

Did I mention that it will look really good wearing this reading your copy of Wednesday Comics #2? Good.

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