San Diego Dreaming: Surprises, Secrets And Swag

San Diego Dreaming: Surprises, Secrets And Swag

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megan-fox-bleeding-cool1There’s nothing a promoter loves more than intrigue. So a number of San Diego Comic Con panels and presentations leave the details sparse but promise a surprise. Sometimes it’s because they actually do have a big surprise. Sometimes it’s because certain people may or may not turn up. And in other cases, they don’t actually know what they’re going to do…

On on the other hand, the likes of Dynamite are known for keeping secrets saved up all year for San Diego. They kept Avengers/Invaders quiet for three years you know.

So let’s have a look at the San Diego Surprise Checklist. Care to make any educated guesses?

Thursday 11am, IDW has special announcements of upcoming IDW projects. While conflicting over the corridors at 11.30am Archie Comics has an Archie Marries Veronica poster giveaway and surprise announcements. More than IDW publishing prestige collected editions of Archie comics? Possibly. And at 11.45 FlashForward has a surprise guest “that you won’t want to miss”. I wonder if it’s Jesus? Radical at noon will be doing surprise announcements and guests, but probably not Dave Elliot, eh?

Thursday 1pm Mondo Marvel, basically a bunch of Marvel creators, some of whom will have persuaded Joe Quesada to let them announce their own next Marvel project… and elsewhere the Tetsuo Project gets its name announced!  Archaia have announcements and surprise guests – who are probably also behind those announcements.

1.45pm Twilight: New Moon preview with surprise cast members. Basically whoever they can get who are still hanging around.

2pm is where Joe Quesada basically announces everything that Marvel has, as well as teasing something that will in all likelihood change beyond recognition by the time it actually gets published, and bringing on surprise guests that may actually be surprising, I’m betting Pee Wee Herman.

3.30 Has the Digital Comics panel with lots of announcements. Odds are the big announcements of con will revolve around which publishers are going with which digital providers on which platforms. Marvel on Longbox on the Kindle? That sort of thing.

3.45 The Psych panel will have Oni comic giveaways, merchandise and other free stuff.

5.30pm All Stars of Comic Podcasting has surprise guests. Basically anyone they can persuade in the bar the previous night. While Jeff Smith will be making his own special announcement at the Cartoon Books/Abstract Studios panel. And at 6.30pm, Bandai is giving away stuff,

On Friday at 10am, Hasbro has Star Wars secrets to tell, while Mike Allred has surprise guests. At 11 DC and Mattel are announcing a new line, and premiering the figures for the first time. And at 11.30 Disney announce new graphic novels for next year while simultaneously Image announce all their surprise projects. Hmm. Todd McFarlane is listed in both panels. A mistake or a clone?

At Noon there are Transformers/GI Joe announcements and giveaways of free stuff.

At 4pm look for a secret free Robert Kirkman/Todd McFarlane comic to be given away. And a surprise appearance by Todd. You know, it’s not a surprise isf it’s actually in the programme

At 5pm, Dynamite are announcing various projects, and they’ve got a bunch of movie doirectors and producers on hand. Who knows what they have been keeping schtum about. Either way, it’s expected to be big.

And more Star Wars secrets to be revealed by Lucasfilm at 5.15pm.

5.30pm it’s Yen Press with surprises and free stuff to giveaway as are Penguin and DK at the same time. Cross the corridor and load up.

6pm, Michael Uslan is making surprise announcements (unless his Archie movie announcement was made in the Archie panel he was at) while there are surprise guests at the Goon panel. At 6.15 even the TV Guide is doing surprise announcements (a new column about mashed potato on the TV maybe?)

On Saturday at 10am, there is a surprise live performance from the cast members of Chuck. At 11am, PG 13 Animation writers will be announcing their new projects, Dark Horse has surprise guests and Terry Moore will have a surprise announcement, and the Lost panel will have lots of surprises – which as usual will just confuse rather than enlighten.

Giveaways at the Indiana Jones Fan panel at noon, Gabriel Ba announces his next project at 2.15pm, Farscape announcements at 2.30pm, surprise Top Cow guests and announcements at 4.30pm as well as Vanguard announcing and movie projects, Voiceover Acting surprise guests at 5pm,  Archaia and American Original surprise guests at 5.30pm, Gays In Comics surprise guests at 6pm and.. well, are there any guests who are not a surprise? Apparently so.

And Sunday may be a more of a relaxing day. Less surprise, no announcements whatsoever, less shock and awe… but still a few stragglers.

Surprise guests from Phineas & Herb and giveways at 10am, while The Muppet Show panel also has surprise guests at the same time.  I’m hoping for Gonzo. And of course, the CBLDF Art Jam from 12.30-2 will have nothing but surprise guest (guilted into doing it at the Hyatt the previous night).

And if any Little Bleeders are on hand to hear said announcements or grab me some free swag, I’ll probably be at the Avatar booth hand-selling sets of Holed Up – are remember, good stories are worth Bleeding Cool T-shirts!

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