Sunday Internet Runaround - San Diego Saturday, New Home For Comic Con? What About Mega City One?

Sunday Internet Runaround – San Diego Saturday, New Home For Comic Con? What About Mega City One?

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Okay, we’d all seen how busy, full and basically impossible the Friday schedule of San Diego Comic Con was. Well, Saturday’s schedule has now been released. And bloody hell.

Again, whether you’re going or not, the choices you make over what you’d want to see define you as the very specific comic fan you are. Or will send you running around the place screaming in a panic every fifteen minutes. Your call.

10am brings PG 13 Animation (Paul Dini, Stan Berkowitz) against the Black Panel (Reggie Hudlin, Michael Davis) against IDW’s Angel panel (Peter David, Juliet Landau) against the Super Hero Squad (Joe Quesada, Stan Lee) against Louis Strondheim against Alison Sohn against Chuck (Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, Yvonne Strahovski, Josh Schwartz) against Eastwick (Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Ray Newman). That right there says a lot about you.

11am brings you the Dark Horse panel, Christian comics, Brian Herbert on Dune, Terry Moore, Adam Hughes, Women in Manga (Becky Cloonan, JuYoun Lee), Lost’s final San Diego Comic Con panel… ever! (Damon Lindelhof, Carlton Cuse), 11.15 brings Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones in Quick Draw, which you must go to at least once in your life, Family Guy (Seth McFarlane) and 11.30 has Francis Manapul getting a spotlight, Jim Lee and Marv Wolfman on DC Universe Online slap bang against Marvel Dark Reign panel (Joe Quesada, Matt Fraction, Rick Remender, Joe Casey), a spotlight on Sheldon Moldoff, and the Activision Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 panel with Stan Lee. That’s right, choose between Joe Quesada and Stan Lee.

At Noon, Viz Media’s Ikki goes head to head with Comic Strip Syndication (Keith Knight, Stephan Pastis, Richard Thompson) against Aspen (Ale Garza, David Wohl, Joe Benitez), Seth macFarlane’s The Cleveland Show and live art demonstration by Dave Gibbons. Half way through all of these at 12.30 a spotlight on Garry Gianni, Joe Hill at IDW, the Sanctuary panel kick off.

12.45 brings you Dan DiDio’s DC Editorial Presentation massed by DC creators, though not Paul Levitz. Because at 1pm, Levitz will join Diana Schutz and Dennis Kitchen to talk about Will Eisner’s New York. Also at 1pm, a spotlight on Nicola Cuti, spotlight on James Jean, the Futurama panel with Matt Groening an an on-panel decision by a Fox executive as to whethe there will be another series (I wonder) and art lessons by Jeff Smith.

Only half an hour later Charles Vess, Larry Marder, Mike Allred and Hope Larson discuss the power of the single panel at 1.30pm, against the Bram Stoker panel ingeniously titled “The Joss Whedon Of His Day” which will both attract and infuriate, a spotlight on Ramon Valdiosera, Mike Judge on his new film Extract, a preview of a new Glee episode with cast, and then the Simpsons panel kicks off at 1.45.

No matter how exhausted you are by now, 2pm brings Dennis Kitchen, The Penguins Of Madagascar, Scott Kurtz and friends and enemies on webcomics, art lessons from Marchall Vandruff, before 2.15 brings Warehouse 13, Green Lantern: Blackest Night and Gerard Way announcing his new comic book series.

And while all those are still going on, 2.30 brings a spotlight on June Foray, the Boom! Farscape panel with Rockne O’Bannon, and the screening of the V pilot with cast at 2.45, previews of Zombieland and 2012 before 3pm brings out Amber Benson and friend talking about monsters, spotlights on Doeg Moench and Seth, Scott Shaw’s Oddball Comics, Dave Dorman’s art lessons and Marv Wolfman’s writing lessons.

But no time to rest, 3.15 has the Heroes panel with previews of the new season, 3.30 starts the Wildstorm panel with Kurk Busiek, Fiona Staples, Darrick Robertson, Brian Wood, Christos Gage, Liam Sharp and more, Entertainment Weekly running their own Lost panel, a Ray Bradbury spotlight, Boondock Saints II and Slave Labor talking about Pinocchio The Vampire Slayer.

As even my fingers are aching, 4pm brings Batton Lash and Joe Juski talking to Leonard Starr, a spotlight on Hope Larson, a host of TV writers talking about their craft, lessons from Arthur Suydam, the Fringe panel, artists talking about building a portfolio of work, and the Iron Man 2 panel, bursting with celebrity.

No time to pause. 4.30 has the Hellboy panel with Mike Mignola, against CSI creator Anthony E Zuiker’s panel on his Digi-Novel creation Level 26, the Top Cow Panel, the Emo Boy movie panel, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Romance comics (okay, I *have* to try to get to that one) and 4,45 has the J Michael Straczynski spotlight panel (count how many people ask about The Twelve), the Human Target pilot panel and the Fables panel.

5pm brings David Finch’s art lessons and a panel on history in Graphic Novels (Rick Geary, Eric Shanower), 5.15 has the True Blood panel and the Kevin Smith panel with A Couple Of Dicks focus/ 5.30pm has Del Ray Manga, Archaia, Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins talk to American Original, Mobile/iPhone/Kindle comics and Gears Of War panel.

At 5.55pm, The Vampire Diaries pilot and cast panel gets a sneak jump in ahead of the 6pm slot, against Nightmare House, the Harvey Kurtzman/MAD panel (Mark Evanier, Paul Levitz, Dennis Kitchen), the Venture Bros panel, Gays in Comics, Lenore and Digital Color panels. Naughty Vampire Diaries!

Anyway, 6.30pm brings Black Dynamite, City Of Heroes and the Troma Roast!

And of course it doesn’t stop there, the evening bringing Da Jammies, the CBDF Auction, Myth Busters, Torchwood and Doctor Who screenings with the cast and creators, the Weeds panel, Legend Of Neil and of course the Watchmen Directors Cut screening with Zack Snyder, Dave Gibbons and Jackie Earle Hayley. Oh and True Blood are sponsoring this year’s Masquerade as over/underweight people fit into ill-advised costumes and strut around pretending to… oh what am saying it’s great! Oh and there’s also the debut of the Pander Bros new film, Selfless.

You’ll find me in the Hyatt, probably, moaning about all the things I didn’t get to see.

What else is happening in comics? Um… oh, apparently a Transformers comics artist was “too busy” to see the new film…

San Diego fighting to keep the Con for future years…

A newspaper editor openly debates what strips to kill and what strips to keep…

Orang Utan Comics gets spotlighted

And Gary Erskine digitally creates Mega City One.


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