Here Comes Sunday...

Here Comes Sunday…

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san-diego-comic-con1Sunday programming for San Diego Comic Con has just been released. You know Sundays? A time for relaxation, for winding down for… oh forget it.

As far as I can tell, it’s pretty much as busy as Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

10 am sees more history of Comic Con, Kids Graphic novels, the Jack Kirby panel, the Spectacular Spider-Man animation panel, Phineas & Ferb panel, Nick Jr with two unseen episodes of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan and Wonder Pets, the beginning of the San Diego Children’s Film Festival playing all day, Anson Jew’s animation workshop, Christian Comics, Niko Press’s how-to session for manga anatomy, the Boom! Muppet Show panel and.. oh and the Doctor Who panel with David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Euros Lyn.

Not too busy a start then.

At 10.30, David Hayter, Gregory Novack and Josh Olson talk about adapting comics to movies against discussion of Black Panther, black superpowers and the politics of comics.

11am sees the Emily The Strange panel, How to get people reading comics, DC’s CMX panel, Women of Marvel with Marjorie Liu, Christina Strain, Colleen Coover, Sonia Oback, Emily Warren, the Charles Vess lesson and a drawing Star Wars panel, while 11.15 has American Dad and a new episode of Spongebob Squarepants, as 11.30 lines up with Newspaper editorial cartoonists, a spotlight on David Peterson, the change in superheroes and 11.45 has the Supernatural panel.

Noon sees the spotlight on Fables‘ Bill Willingham, the IDW newspaper strip reprinting scheme, the Hot Wheels Battle Force panel, Benton Jew’s How To panel, Marshall Vandroff’s How To panel, the meeting of people who want a Serenity II movie now please and who are not called the Brownshirts, I made that mistake once, not making it again, and… oh. The Asian Ball-Jointed Doll Collectors panel. Which is lasting two hours. Someone take photos please.

12.30 has the 90 minute CBDLF Live Art Jam, the Scooby Doo panel showing new film, with a panel to match, the Yosagi YoJimbo 25th Anniversary panel with Stan Sakai, and 12.45 Marvel video games panel with Matt Fraction and more,

1pm has a Mark Evanier cartoon voiceover panel, a celebration of late seventies sci-fi, The Ghost Whisperer panel, James Sime and Chip Mosher lead the comiXology panel, Scott Brick’s How To audiobooks panel, the Paper Heart panel, comics in Museums, Manga art for kids who may have to sneak out to the 1.30 Comics For All Ages panel with Jeff Smith and more, up against the Eli Tsuburaya panel anongside the Alien Trespass panel.

2pm has us in conversation with Dan DiDio, the two fourteen authors of The Strand Prophecy take the stage, we have a look at the artwork behind Cars and Cars 2, the Ratchet & Clank panel, the Star Wars Trivia Game Show, Kevin Anderson and Brian Herbert give a How-To session, Gene Yang and Eric Wright start srawing stories that the audience shout out, the Harry Potter panel kicks off, while at 2.15 the Being Human/Torchwood panel kicks off for 90 minutes.

So attendeed will miss much of the Masquerade playback, a look at how graphic novels are changing society, the culture of Comic Con panels at 2.30 and the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight panel at 2.45, the Papercutz panel, Making Webcomics, Comic Con Talkback, the Starship panel, the Kids Cartooning class, the how-to create comics part time panels at 3pm, and the the Army Of Two panel, the Grandville panel with Bryan Talbot and the 501st Legion Panel kick off at 3.30pm

And the show finishes off with the 4pm Buffy Musical singalong panel. Check your lyrics, responses or devise your own at

And of course 5pm till 4am, I’ll be in the Hyatt bar with my anti-homophobia banners to salve my guilty conscience.

And if you’re still around on Monday morning, a very special event indeed. A Bleeding Cool breakfast, where you can pop by and tell me every little snippet of info you’ve come across. More details as I make them up…

Wednedsay Night Previews may now be the saviour of your Comic Con schedule though. From 6 until 9 they’ll be showing many of the pilot TV shows being screened over the rest of the show. Including Human Target, V, Vampire Diaries and a preview of other shows,

That is if you’re happy spending time watching telly instead of, you know, running round the show while it’s still actually possible to run round it.

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