Twittering While San Diego Plans Burn…

twitterDo you know how arduous it is to prepare for San Diego Comic Con? Very arduous. I say this, typing at 2.35 Saturday morning after spending hours trying to order a Dollhouse DVD for pickup at San Diego (I succeeded! Yay!).

But thankfully major comic industry bloggers (who have all had proper comics jobs in their time) Tom Spurgeon, Laura Hudson and Heidi MacDonald all took a moment to argue the case over what Tom may or may not have said about it, on Twitter…

Laura: There are lots of us being crushed in very real ways by Con. I’m working 12 hr days every day and still not sure I’ll be ready.

Tom: I say right there in black and white that I’m sure some people are genuinely crushed, although I’m baffled by 12 hour days.

Tom: I guess I’m also sort of worried that I should be doing something, because I just can’t figure out anything to do.

Laura: 12 hours days come out of working for demanding companies and/or having a very wide scope of coverage at a huge media event.

Tom: ???we demand a lot of CR, too, and breadth of coverage within comics is a core value of CR, so you kind of lost me there.

Laura: I’m talking about movies, video games, TV, all the other cross-media stuff. That’s a lot of what makes SDCC batshit insane.

Tom:  since I clearly allowed some people are busy, I’m still sort of lost as to why you object. You’re one of those people, right?

Laura: My problem is that a lot of people struggling with their obligations right now for similar reasons, and it marginalizes them

Tom: I look forward to reading your coverage and the results of all the time you’ve put in.

Laura: There’s no need to be snide. Much of my work is corporate BS you will never see because you’re luckier than me & many others

Tom: I mean, I know this probably gets me yelled at, but you were tweeting about Michael Jackson coverage this time yesterday.

Laura: I tweeted about Michael Jackson on my lunch break, which was roughly 15 minutes long.

Tom: ha ha; i withdraw the point. I spent my 15 minutes of lunch doing my CCI prep.

Heidi: Other people aren’t that lucky, and I think it’s kind of disrespectful to suggest that 15 minutes is all it takes.

Tom: I disagree, my caveat could not have been clearer, and I find the complaints about these kill-for jobs ultimately distasteful.

Tom: it’s a JOKE, mom, and I think it’s disrespectful to people with difficult jobs or without one at all to pretend we have it tough.

Tom: And I’m sure I will never see any of you overworked souls out at dinner or out socially during the con b/c you’ll all be working.

Heidi: Back when I was working for the Pulse, I never had time to go out to dinner. I never hit the party scene until I’ve posted

Laura: I find gloating about your incredibly easy Con prep when everyone else is dying from it ultimately distasteful.

Tom: hey, fair enough. I don’t think I’m gloating, and I put plenty of prep in, but nothing to complain about… as it’s my job.

Heidi: AND I’m not saying this to complain; it’s just what you have to do. And YES I have one of the best jobs on earth.

Heidi: Actually, I had one dinner during last years con. I usually eat something from Ralph’s while I file

Tom: I’d find this more convincing if your ’08 coverage didn’t include mention of two dinners, one breakfast, Eisners, five parties.

Heidi: yep two dinners and one breakfast in five days… That’s living large.

Tom: 3 that you wrote about! I never said “living large,” just that you exaggerate the workload via its costs — and I was right.

Laura: I get panicked emails from people daily, and that doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful for our jobs, just that it’s hard all over

Tom: boo hoo. seriously. do you have any idea how many journos with families are out of work right now? Send them “panicked” e-mail

Laura: I’m not sure what this has to do with being unemployed or people suffering, since that’s not what we’re talking about at all

Tom: And I have yet to read anything beyond vague implication what you’re doing that constitutes 40-80 hours of hardcore prep time.

Laura:  I’m happy to work hard, just not to listen to you complain about people being stressed while you sit back in a lawn chair.

Tom: you found my post distasteful and said why; I retorted with why I find the complaining more distateful and said why.

Laura: I guess we’ll just have to AGREE TO DISAGREE then.


Laura: A LAWN CHAIR KILLED MY MOTHER. Ok, “killed” my mother. This is comics.

A few other people joined in but I’m afraid they didn’t quite have the level of comics commentary celebrity as these three. Maybe next time folks?

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