Paul Pope's Prurient Panty-Shot Party Piece

Paul Pope’s Prurient Panty-Shot Party Piece

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It’s not just the Adam Strange strip in Wednesday Comics that’s been keeping Paul Pope busy. He’s also been working with Complex, taking material from a photoshoot and redrawing women based on those shots. And so we have two young ladies in various poses, one drawn, one not, in a house of mirrors.

Some people, unfairly I think, make fun of artists who use men’s magazines as a basis to create comic book artwork. It’s a refreshing change to see a high-profile talent like Paul Pope being so open about it. And probably terribly highly paid in the process.

You can see the “Making Of” photoshoot video below it’s not exactly NSFW but I wouldn’t be caught watching it too closely when your boss is looking over your shoulder.

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