Friday Morning Internet Runaround – Watchmen Five Disc, San Diego Thursday With Joss@Dollhouse And Wednesday Vs Pirates

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Who Waits For The Watchmen? A Five Disc Set coming in December. How do we know? A $10 voucher inside the Watchmen Three Disc Set just being released. Damn, that’s sneaky.

5198a 5198b

Featuring the Black Freighter animation threaded into the movie, the Under The Hood documentary, a new commentary by Snyder and Gibbons and the Watchmen motion comic. Okay, I think I’ll hold out for that one now…

Wednesday Preview and Thursday at San Diego released. Too much, too close together, and I’ve got already got a signing schedule and meetings lined up! Gonna miss Top Shelf, Gilliam, Burton, Dexter, Comicon Past, all sorts of good stuff. But the Tripwire panel? You can scribble my name on as attending that one, apparently, bless them.

One other strength of Wednesday Comics is just how hard it has been to pirate. You need a bigger scanner than most uploaders have. Or time to “Frankenstein” the whole thing. Looks like it’s more of a Saturday Comics thing if you’re illegally minded. And of course it’s one of those comics that buying the actual oversized printed version is kinda the point…

And Joss Whedon, selling you on the exclusive Dollhouse DVD at San Diego. Save those pennies!

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