Jennifer's Body Double - How The Direct Market Got Cho-Blocked.

Jennifer’s Body Double – How The Direct Market Got Cho-Blocked.

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You know Jennifer’s Body, the new film starring Megan Fox as a naked demon, whose red band trailer failed to show any nippleage? (Don’t worry, a quick Google of the film with the Safesearch turned off should sort you out, folks”

Okay, where were we? Oh yes. Jennifer’s Body.

Anyway, Boom! are putting out a graphic novel adaptation of the niptastic demonic thriller and planned two covers, one for the book market and one for the comics market. And guess who they got to draw the exclusive Direct Market cover? Cheesecake good girl artist (and pig cartoonist) himself, Frank Cho. This is the first look at his cover, designed exclusively for comic shops, not for bookstores, which would receive the more mainstream appealing (possible), less iconic cover by Eric Jones. Certainly there’s enough of a Frank Cho fanbase at comics that this cover would give comic shops a few more sales of this OGN (and certainly a lot more interest.)

Sadly, things didn’t go according to plan. Diamond Comics Distribution rejected the Frank Cho cover as an exclusive direct market edition, in favour of the Erik Jones cover planned for bookstores. No one can quite work out the mindset here. Nothing against the other cover, love the use of the red bloodied hands, almost part of the wall, but it’s not exactly, oh what’s the word… Frank Cho-ish now is it? And Jones doesn’t quite have the following that Cho does. And anyway, what exactly is it that Diamond have got against the boy?

Heb has been a controversial creator somewhat of late with his Shanna The She-Devil being denippled, and his Hero Initiative covers being covered up, but surely this doesn’t apply here?

It’s a mystery. Here’s the already-seen cover by Erik Jones, which will now become the direct-market cover, for comparison. And the original sketch that Boom! or the license holder rejected for the claw… and for having too big a bottom.


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