Manchild: Andy Belanger And The Apples of Doom

Manchild: Andy Belanger And The Apples of Doom

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n849295229_2929085_4511Age:  Height 6′ 1”. Weight: 220 lbs. BMI: More to LOVE.

The Year is 1984, Big Brother is here and watching. Watching over this crescent, with it’s two tall spruce trees, wrapped by large ominous ferns. The surrounding suburban houses are a breeding ground for social decay and villainy. Meadow Crescent had become my Battleground, it was my own private Gotham. In a central yellow brick bungalow a garage door opens slowly. Smoke bursts from the crack and there in the foggy mist stands the avenger. His menacing felt cowl breeds fear into the hearts of evil. His cape, though towel like, sways bravely in the wind. Our masked hero mounts his jet black steed, His plastic tricycle of justice. Only gods could have forged such a BIG WHEEL. I mutter to the sky “Let’s roll out.”

As I do my usual laps around the crescent I notice two evil doers lurking behind a set of bushes. The Ronzio Kids, the scourge of Meadow Crescent. They have been down to the crab apple tree and are beginning to launch an onslaught of sour death towards me. My towel like cape covers me with warm Downey protection as the my expert Big Wheel skills take over. I flow like water between the green appley projectiles and strike at the heart of the evil doers like a three foot thick brick of ice. They fall to the ground and succumb to my swift hooded justice. Today the neighbourhood  is safe once again. Tomorrow we’ll join forces and bust some ghosts.

Twenty Five years later and I’m still that young avenger, but I put it on paper. My name is Andy B and I draw comics. My newest comic adventure is Bottle of Awesome from Zuda comics. To put into simplest terms imagine Popeye just jumped into an Archie comic that was written by the likes of Jody Hill or John Hughes. It’s about a boy who’s a loser to say the least but is given the tool to become the best at what ever he does. The Bottle of Awesome is the cup of Christ, it’s genie in a bottle, it’s Popeye’s spinach. You instantly become Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee or James Bond. Take a swig of this comic and hopefully you’ll feel just that much more awesome today. Bottle of Awesome updates twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. I’d love for you to come check it out, plus all the other amazing titles Zuda has to offer. I’m in love with High Moon!

I’m also Working on a webcomic called Raising Hell that has been going for the last two years at It’s a much darker story about a couple on the verge of breaking up during their Halloween party that erupts into zombie carnage. Imagine George Romero has just directed his first episode of I LOVE LUCY and you have Raising Hell. We have a great line up of other creators as well ( Ramon Perez, Cameron Stewart, Karl Kerschl, Scott Hepburn, Mike Cho, Claudia De Silva, Brian Mclachlan, Arthur Dela Cruz and Eric Vedder) all with great strips.

If you’re at your computer and feel like reliving the adventures of a few ex-child superheros like you, check these out!

Bottle Of Awesome at Zuda

Raising Hell

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