DC Comics Reprint Detective Comics #854 But Sadly Not Like This

Posted by July 6, 2009 Comment

It seems that red haired lesbian Batwomen drawn by JH Williams III in tight leather are rather popular. Who’d have thought? Detective Comics #854, starting the rather-fantastic-and-frankly-undismissable-over-such-trivial-aspects Batwoman series by Rucka and Williams has sold out but is still in demand. So DC Comics have cranked up the printing machine in the basement and are deliveringe a lovely little second print for you just as soon as possible, July 29th, with a new cover by JH Williams III and Dave Stewart. So let your retailer know imminently if you’re interested.

Comics Nexus however have a different take on the issue in question, one that may seem familar to any fans of All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder. Do please make with the clicky.


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