David Tennant To Star in New Comic Book Movie


Is he The Riddler in the next Batman movie? Chameleon in Spider-Man 5? No, David Tennant is playing the villainous Pomfrey in the new St Trinians 2 movie, which started filming today.

St Trinians was a series of cartoons created by Ronald Searle who also illustrated the Molesworth cartoons. They portrayed a British girls private school who practiced torture on each other, teachers and any other unfortunate passers-by. They were adapted into a series of films in the fifties and sixties and spawned a recent Russell Brand-starring remake, of whcih this is the sequel.

So was Tennant persuaded by a massive wodge of cash? Or by the opportunity to spend the day surrounded by a bunch of twenty years olds playing sixteen years olds in short skirst and suspenders? Possibly some engaging combination of the pair. The film also stars Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, and both Rupert Everett and Colin Firth reprise their roles from the earlier film.

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