How Did Your Favourite Creator Celebrate Independence Day?

How Did Your Favourite Creator Celebrate Independence Day?

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Or Happy Indulgent Rebellious Stepchild Nation Day as we refer it it over here.

Am I really doing a Twitter runaround on this? Yes, yes I am. But why should I be alone? Cut and paste your own favourite July 4th comics creator tweet in the thread below…

Andy Diggle: “Congratulations on the anniversary of your successful terrorist insurgency, America!”

Dan Slott: “Aw. Fireworks are on the West Side instead a’ the East Side tonight. My rooftop’s usually a prime spot. But this year? Here’s hoping…”

Dave McKean: “Just back from 4th. July party at my kid’s school. Crap local bands, great fireworks. Insurance guy asked me if I wanted to acquire some debt.”

Jim Lee: “Back in San Diego after loitering at Anime Expo with the kids. Time to relax and celebrate! Happy 4th, citizens!”

Jock: “watched TRANSFORMERS 2 this morning with the boy… crikey. that is a lot of stuff blowing up. and just missing the lead actors.”

Neil Gaiman: “Blog posted. Now off to bed on this, We Made The Colonies Independent and Let Them Spell Colour, Axe and Aluminium with Missing Letters Day.”

Si Spurrier: “Happy NoQueen Day, Merkins.”

Tony Moore: “my left eye has been twitching uncontrollably. Apparently i’m brimming w/ inner tension, but damned if i know why. Drink to avoid stroke?”

Dan Slott: Fireworks on the W. Side? Weak. Watched ’em all through gaps in the buildings. :( But the Empire St. Bldg. looked pretty all red, w, & b.

CB Cebulski: “5lbs. of skirt steak, 3lbs. of swordfish, a pound of baby octopus & a rack of ribs. Who’s coming over?”

Ron Perazza: “Independence Day! Sorry England. But you were kind of a douche back then. It’s true. Ask France”

Dan Slott: Know what was fun? Grousing about firewrks w/ my neighbors. Been here for 16 yrs, 1st time many of us talked 2 each other. Nice folks. :)

Paul Cornell: “has, phew, nothing to do today. Except maybe, hmm, recycle some cardboard? Possibly. Wife is off to visit nunnery. Hoping she’s return.”

Brian Reed: “My shirt got a hole burned through it. I smell of sulfur. Also, guess what happens when you throw two dozen bottle rockets into a bonfire?”

Greg Rucks: “It is exactly the day I thought it would be. Doofenshmirtz abandoned bowling alley!”

Dan Slott: “Got two slices @ Mike 2’s on 3rd. And met complete E. Side strangers– who bonded w/ me over grousing about W. Side fireworks. I <3 NY!”

Ron Perazza: “Prepping two racks of babyback ribs in home made chipoltle brown sugar rub for some low & slow cookin'”

Marv Wolfman: “Done absolutely nothing this weekend except play Ghostbusters. Can’t get to the Fisherman ghost which is up front. What am I doing wrong?”

Michael Van Oeming: “In the past two hours I drew heads exploding, shadows on walls and a crying girlie”

Tyrese Gibson: 4th of July confession.. I just carved on a El Pollo Loco toilet seat.. Any confessions out there???

James Robinson: “Busy with work. Haven’t twittered much. Think I’ll wander down to Chinatown and get into a mah jong game. It’s a good way to make a few bucks”

Dan Slott: “Watching Alien 3 on G4. WHY?! This movie sux the sec. you find out what happened to Newt, Hicks, and Bishop. Like, way to ruin Aliens. :(“

Justin Gray: “In honor of today I’m going to kill the English language.”

Joe Quesada: “OIN case you missed it Have a happy and safe fourth everyone!!!”

Pia Guerra “Looking forward to a better day.”

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