Did You Miss Chew #1? Both Printings? No Chance Of Getting The Third Print? Weeping Into Your Pillow?

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So you missed out on Chew #1, the biggest debut comics hit of the year? With second prints already sold out and third prints an age away, how long can you go without a copy of the first issue of the psychic-detective-who-can-read-anything-he-eats-living-in-a-world-without-chicken?

On July 15th, Image Comics will have an answer for you. Buy Walking Dead #63 instead. Because while the picture on the left is the solicited image, the picture on the right is the actual image.

thewalkingdead63a_cover thewalkingdead63_cover

Which means the insides of Image’s popular zombie comic will be very different indeed… did you spot the difference?

Chew #1 will be reprinted, flipped on the back of Walking Dead #63. No extra charge.

And no one else seems to have noticed yet…

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