Review: Red Mist

Review: Red Mist

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Red Mist is a… well, what’s the word for it? When they used to make Wild West movies in Italy, they were called spaghetti westerns. A mixture of cheap available production talent from Spain and Italy with a couple of American actors in the leads, made for a low budget, financially successful enterprise, epitomised by a vaguely xenophobic mention of a supposed national cuisine.

So, maybe this should be a potato slasher? A Irish filmed horror that’s set in and around a US hospital, featuring a couple of actual American actors and Brits and Irish putting on their best (and worst) accents to get the rest of the job done at a fraction of the price.

Just as spaghetti westerns used the locale and availability of nearby Spanish acrtors to tell stories about Wild West bandit Mexicans, so this uses the fact that you can’t really do lots of exterior shots withouit giving the game away, to set everything in the corridors and stairwells of hospitals, with lots of hidden corners and closed doors to commit heinous crimes. So everything is dark, insular, claustrophobic and limited. There’s nowhere to run, because, well, there’s nowhere to run.

There also seems to have been some recycling to save a little money. From Flatliners to The Hidden to The Grudge there’s a lot of familiar pieces to this patchwork.

Katie McGarth (Morgana in Merlin) does her best Kiera Knightley impersonation, seriously, it’s scarily good. Andrew Lee Potter (Primeval) swaps cute nerd for stuttering psycho, spending most of the movie in bed twitching (at which he excels). And Arielle Kebbel from Gilmore Girls, who we would have seen starring as Slamazon if No Heroics USA had been picked up, takes the lead by being the only morally motivated human being in the entire cast.

Really this is a bunch of horrible people, who it’s hard to care about doing nasty things to each other. And. There. Are. Consequences. Enjoy watching them get mashed.

Like, you know, a potato.

Red Mist has a limited release in the UK from July 3rd before being released on DVD/BluRay on July 13th

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